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defense attorney in criminal cases

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The click of the handcuffs usually comes unexpectedly. Keep a cool head, demand your right to a phone call and do not speak to the police until I get there or tell you otherwise. Tell me the truth and you can trust that I will do my best to defend you.

You can certainly also consult me at any later stage of the legal process. You can certainly also consult me at any later stage of the legal process. I will defend you in the main hearing, in the appeal proceedings when it comes to conditional release, detention, therapy instead of penalty, the revocation/abolishment of custody or subsequent mitigation of the sentence.

If you have been falsely convicted, the trial may be resumed in the case new evidence or facts appear which suggest an acquittal, as well as in the case of the application of a more favourable law or if you have been wrongly convicted of a criminal offence.


Dr.Lanschützer is an experienced court defender, known for her dedication and tenacity. As well as her expertise and careful and thorough study of files. In criminal proceedings, it is important to carefully weigh up which step is most advantageous for the client. A consistent legal prosecution with corresponding success often even before the higher instances is what characterizes the work of Dr. Lanschützer.

She represents in all criminal cases from the opening of criminal proceedings until acquittal or conclusion of the proceedings.

Additionally, Dr. Lanschützer also deals with conditional releases, readmissions, subsequent mitigation of sentences, applications for therapy instead of penalty or a general suspension of punishment are also part of her area of practice.

The initial consultation
If representation is desired, it is advisable to contact Dr. Lanschützer as soon as possible. A fee for the initial consultation will be charged only in the case if a prison visit is necessary. All the fees related to the legal representation are charged based on the fees according to the general fee criteria published by the Bar Association, and the latest version of the Lawyers’ Tariff Act.
However, a flat fee can also be also agreed upon in individual cases.


Arrest is the most drastic state intervention in a person’s life. It not only has serious consequences for the accused, but also for their relatives.
Therefore, Dr. Lanschützer pays particular attention to the detention process. The continuation of the pre-trial detention is regularly checked on the basis of the statutory provisions until the indictment or the criminal complaint is received. However, the defense can also apply for release from arrest at any time. Dr. Lanschützer will file a complaint against the decision for the continuation of detention and if necessary, she will also file a complaint to the responsible Higher Regional Court. Dr. Lanschützer attaches great importance to obtaining release from custody as quickly as possible through appropriate preparation of the detention hearing, provision of work and through residential confirmations, promises of therapy places in drug-related matters, etc.


The special feature of sexual criminal law is that often the alone testimony of the victim provides the basis for a criminal prosecution. In most cases, this victim is related to the suspect in some way. Therefore, these cases involve emotional relationships, insults, jealousy, feelings of revenge, etc.
In addition, unprocessed experiences in the sphere of the alleged victim can lead to the incrimination of a suspect.
Dr. Lanschützer has the advantage, as a woman and experienced defender, is able to put herself in the victim’s perspective. In the event of false incrimination she has the necessary courage, tenacity and expertise to trigger the truth to break through in this situation, which is often also biased by the media.


Austria is one of the last countries in Europe where laypeople alone must decide about guilt in capital crimes cases and special responsibilities such as re-activation. This verdict of guilt does not have to be justified. The only corrective that the appeal procedure provides for, at the factual level is nullitiy appeal in accordance with § 345 Para. 1 No. 10 a StPO. In this case, an argument would be provided that as a ground for nullity if can be asserted that there are considerable doubts in the file about the correctness of the facts established in the verdict, i.e. there is evidence that raise considerable doubts about the verdict of guilt. The judiciary developed for this has reduced this ground for nullity to cases in which an almost indisputable wrong decision is obvious.

Dr. Lanschützer has set herself the task of bringing justice to the defendants she represents in jury trials using all legally available means within the criminal process. In the long term, the judicature of the Supreme Court should also be reversed so that everything that raises reasonable doubts about guilt is relevant, as is also provided for in the system of the Code of Criminal Procedure.


The prosecution of drug-related offences accounts for a significant proportion of criminal proceedings. The particular difficulty with these procedures is that alone purchase of drugs for personal consumption only has criminal consequences in the event of a repeated offence or if health-related measures are refused. In addition, the consumers of the narcotics and thus potential witnesses to the prosecution are often themselves addicted to drugs and accordingly also mentally unstable. It can therefore happen that considerably larger quantities of narcotic drugs are reported to the police than are actually true. However, this incriminating information subsequently forms the basis for the suspicion of a crime.

It is therefore important in the main hearing to help the truth to break through in order to obtain a just penalty.
The law on addictive substances also recognizes therapy instead of a penalty up to a certain quantity of affected narcotics if the client himself is addicted to the addictive substances. If, in addition to getting used to it, the crimes were mainly committed in order to get addictive substances for oneself or to obtain the means to purchase addictive substances, the threat of punishment is drastically reduced and is dependent on the amount of addictive substances in hand.

Dr. Lanschützer is considered a specialist in drug law and can refer to corresponding successes in the defense.

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Drin. Christine Lanschützer

defense attorney in criminal cases

Studied law at the Karl Franzens University in Graz
Court internship in Graz and Tamsweg
Training in two law firms in Graz
Completed the Bar exam in 1995
Entered in the Higher Regional Court of Graz in the list of defense attorneys in criminal matters in 1997
Foreign languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, basic Tibetan
Member of the Association of Austrian Criminal Defense Lawyers
Publications: The Little Freedoms in the Penal System, Criminal Defense – Imprisonment and Human dignity; Publication series of the Association of Austrian Defense Attorneys, Vol. 29, S 85 to 89, Ed. Univ, Prof. Dr. Richard Soyer, Vienna Graz 2016.

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Belma Cemalovic, MSc


Studies of Business Administration at Sarajevo University and Griffith College Dublin

Master studies of public administration and sustainability at Sarajevo University and Ljubljana

Foreign languages: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian; English


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It should be the government’s job to prevent crime from happening. Every person has a right to a life. There are “tolerated” foreigners in Austria or those who are granted a suspension of deportation and are hence not sent back to their home country. This means they can stay in Austria. However they are not allowed to work. They also receive no financial support from the state. Which leads to the question – how are they supposed to survive?

Trafficking cannabis in public facilities is something which is occurring. However, because of the very strict controls, it leads very quickly to prison. The longer prison sentences in repeated cases cause enormous costs. At the same time, entrepreneurs are despairing of a lack of workers. This damages the economy and causes tax losses.

There are many immigrants who are willing to integrate, find a job and who also speak German very well, are intelligent and willing to work.
A temporary work permit for tolerated foreigners should be derived from the right to a life. But also due to the requirements of the economy, it is unacceptable that fully employable people without any income are kept away from the labour market, while entrepreneurs despair at the lack of employees.

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